Areas of insurance expertise


Fire Insurance

In my career I have handled all classes of commercial and industrial manufacturing risks. This has required the use of my knowledge of construction, fire prevention, sprinkler systems, industrial processes. As an adjunct to Fire Insurance the insurance of consequential loss of Profits is an area that I have extensive experience of, as well as the insurance of the specific additional principle perils of Storm insurance, sFlood insurance, Riots Strike and Malicious Damage.

Accident Insurance

This embraces the insurance of:

Commercial and Industrial property against loss caused by Theft including what was traditionally described as Burglary. Theft insurance requires an extensive knowledge of Alarm systems and the relative strengths of various safes and security items and apparatus, all of which I can offer.

Jewellers Block, being the insurance of Jewellery on display, in transit and whilst being manufactured.

Art Collections against loss or damage at galleries in private residence, restorers, in transit and at Exhibitions.

Personal Injury, Illness, Sickness Insurance

This would require knowledge of the requirements in the completion of proposal forms and the effect of disclosure of medical information. The specific risks associated with various occupations and the exclusions of certain risk factors.

Household Insurance

The insurance of buildings of both private residences and large stately homes against Fire Storm, Wind and Subsidence. In addition, the insurance of the contents from the average value to the considerable sums insured associated with antique collections, jewellery and fine art items.

Contingency Insurance

Contingency Insurance is a highly specialised area where unusual risks or unusual situations required policies to be arranged uniquely in a bespoke manner, for one-off situations. This includes the insurance of the cancellation of events such as Concerts due to unforeseen circumstances such as bomb threats or the Nonappearance of performers or key individuals. The Insurance of Films and TV commercials against the problems of Shooting, the sickness of key personnel and “Stars” and damage to Props Sets and Wardrobe as well as liability risks associated with the particular production.

Exhibitions Insurance

The insurance of exhibition stands and their contents against loss or damage. The cancellation of the exhibition and the consequential loss caused by failure to vacate the venue on time.


I have handled all classes of Reinsurance which includes that of an Insurer reinsuring a specific individual risk, known as facultative reinsurance or their complete portfolio against Catastrophe caused by Hurricane excessive weather or adverse loss experience. This type of reinsurance is placed in the various markets as, Excess of loss, Proportional or Treaty.


I am highly experienced in the area of claims negotiation and the settlement of a dispute that often arise through issues relating to non-disclosure or fraudulent practice. Insurance Policy wordings normally require the most careful examination as to relevance and accuracy of interpretation.