What I will provide for you

My first duty is to the Court and my reports are prepared entirely for their guidance. I will therefore not undertake any assignment that I do not believe has merit. To facilitate this my method of dealing with a potential instruction is to review the outline of the dispute and to give you my honest opinion of the issues. I give advice on insurance without charge but should I be given instructions then time taken in the initial review is chargeable at the appropriate fee.

This removes the problem of taking on cases that have no merit and avoids unnecessary expense to the client.

Having reviewed the issues I will examine, all documents used in the placing of the insurance. I will read the policy document and any endorsements issued. If required I will research any relevant case law.

I will then submit an initial report setting out the issues then a final report for submission to the Court.

As required by the Court I will meet with the opposing expert and identify those areas of agreement as well as those in dispute.

I will travel to attend meetings both nationally and internationally and liase with your legal representatives and attend any subsequent Court hearings to give evidence as an insurance witness.

Fees are normally rendered after the preparation of my report or after a Court hearing depending on the length of time involved.

You will only get complete professionalism and an honest opinion of what is covered or what is not covered.

Most cases never come to Court but should they ever need to, as an expert witness, I am experienced in High Court procedure having represented the London Market in over 26 cases.